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“Tony Strong” Clip-Point Antler Knife

“Tony Strong” Clip Point Antler Knife

This is one of the best looking, most effective, and most durable knives that I have ever made...

This beast of a knife features an 8 inch blade, a hand forged guard, and a real deer antler handle. It has been chopped into fresh lumber, had the tip driven into ice, and slashed leather all to ensure that this knife is as strong as it can be. This knife is ready for everything you choose to put it against. Whether that be hunting, survival, or even food prep purposes. This knife is ready for the job.

The antler used in this knife was given to me by Tony Porco. Unfortunately late last year he was in an ATV accident and has been on the long road to recovery ever since. Of course this has put immense stress on him and his family. Since it happened I’ve been looking for any way to help and I think, here it is....