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Custom Order Page

Custom Order Books: Open

Fill out this Form to get the process of making your custom project underway!


Things to keep in mind:


  • Custom Orders can ONLY be completed from May 10th- August 10th
  • Spaces are Limited so order yours now!


  • There is no upcharge for custom designs and your blade will be priced the same as any other on my website.
  • All blades include a standard sheath, complimentary free shipping, and my lifetime guarantee!
  • Upon completing the design and ordering process I do require 50% of the quoted price up front before any work can begin.

Other Important Notes:

  • Don't be Shy! Feel free to describe any ideas or designs you have. I look forward to seeing them and helping to make them a reality.
  • I welcome all ideas for fun or creative blades but if an idea is too complex or is physically impossible for me to make please understand that I will work with you to redesign the blade so it’s a bit more usable. However, please tell me your ideas, you never know what's possible and I always enjoy a challenge.